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Please Note Many Press Notes/Statements are being released by me almost on a daily basis, for the benefit and information of general public, Minorities in general and the Muslims in particular. These Press Notes/Statements are sent to the Urdu, English and Telugu Newspapers, however, selected Press Notes/Statements are kept on our Website for the benefit of one and all. - Bashiruddin Babukhan.



On 18th August, 2010 I have written to the Resident Editor, The Hindu a letter - in response to his article on the speech of the First President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, as under:
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
                      The Resident Editor
                        The Hindu
                        Greenlands, Begumpet
                      Dear Sir,
                      On Independence Day, 15th August 2010, you have published the speech of the First President of Free India, Dr.  Rajendra Prasad. While addressing the Constituent Assembly, among other things, he had said, and reported by you that, he assured the Minorities in India that they would receive fair and just treatment they will enjoy all the rights and privileges of citizenship and will be expected in their turn to render loyalty to the country in which they live and to its Constitution.
                      Three cheers for India and its independence. However, what is worth noting is, the words of the President, with regard to Minorities.  The Governments, even to this day, have not given “full citizenship” to Minorities of India, “with rights and privileges” what they should get i.e., their share as Citizens. From the words the then President, it appears, Free India suspected the loyalty of Minorities to the country, when the President seeks from them “loyalty to the country in which they live and to its Constitution” Sad to say but true, that, even to this day, the loyalty of Muslims, in particular, is always suspect and, the rights and privileges they should have enjoyed, as citizens, have never ever accrued to them, in full measure, that they deserve, as Citizens.
                      All Governments have paid lip service to the cause of Minorities and, for their upliftment, in these 63 years. One wonders how, the First President of India,  even suspected the loyalty of the Minorities to the country, when he asked that  they render such loyalty. Many State  Governments today and certainly the intelligence and Police of States hold  Muslims in suspicion.
                      On the other hand, we see, day in and day out, those who enjoy powers, have been rampaging and looting the nations wealth. Are they loyal to the country? Muslims are being killed in fake encounters or, residents of one State being booked for a crime in another State, mostly on fanciful suspicion of the administration.  The latest amongst such cases is that of Mr. Mudani of Kerala, arrested by the BJP Karnataka Government, as was done to others by BJP Gujarat Government.
                      In such circumstances, how does a State expect Muslim Citizens, in particular, to show utmost loyalty to their country. It is the biggest farce.
                      With greetings and best wishes.
                      Bashiruddin Babukhan.

                      See the Speech of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the First President of India, below:
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