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7th Floor, Babukhans’ Millennium Centre, 6-3-1099/1100, Rajbhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 500 082


The Khan Bahadur Babukhan Foundation, a Registered Charitable Trust (since 1982), has been conducting various programmes directed towards advancement of Society in general and empowerment of individuals.  The Trust is primarily involved in Education, training in Vocational Courses and Individual Development.  Annually, the Foundation contributes substantially to the Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust, which has, for long, been deeply involved in the implementation of scholarship schemes, on a massive scale, throughout AP. 

The Foundation has also established 6 Centres for training young women to learn skills in tailoring, Karchob, Mehendi Design etc.  6 months training in tailoring, dress making are imparted in such a way that, ultimately the trainee is able to produce commercially viable goods. Job works are provided on a large scale through orders obtained by Mahila Sanatkar Mutually Aided Society, situated at Charminar.  The demand for such artisans is growing.

The Foundation has also established 8 Centres for young, out of school children, “to learn to read”, in the first phase, and thereafter, “read to learn”, thus making them competent to join regular Schools. Those students attend Govt. Urdu Medium Primary Schools in the Old City, are also encouraged to attend these learning centres to enhance their learning skills.  This programme has been guided by the Organisation, PRATHAM.  The Foundation also supports an English Medium High School in the Old City.  This school is run by Foundation. Foundation for Education and Economic Development (FEED).It has a high standard of study and has been showing excellent results in SSC each year.

The Babukhan Foundation has also commenced teaching ‘Deeniyat’ (basic tenants of Islam) as a separate subject  to students of all classes, in 25 schools in the Twin Cities and 25 Schools in Nizamabad District.  Help Hyderabad, another Charitable Organisation, has been assisting in running a Deeniyat Learning Programme in schools. Separate Deeniyath trained teachers and Special Deeniyat books have been provided from Class I to X.

The Foundation has given financial assistance to M/s MESCO (Muslim Educational Social and Cultural Organisation),  run by Doctors, to teach the reading of The Quran in Arabic, in such a manner that, within 3 years, the students begin to understand The Quran while reading it in Arabic itself.  The Foundation has also helped in training a large number of teachers for this Quran learning programme.

The Foundation has established 2 Carrier Guidance Centres, one of them in the Old City. Here, students are advised on the choice of all types of educational courses available the choice of colleges. This is done personally or, online. Hundreds of students have been benefiting through this vital tool. Also, guidance is provided of careers and job opportunities available. Regular seminars are also held to disseminate such information, at the centres. Talks are held at High Schools and Colleges to guide students in the choice of careers. Email: career_couns@yahoo.co.in

The Smart Academy, a unit under the Babukhan Foundation, has been conducting regular classes to teach interior design and architectural assistantship, certified courses, under the Board of Technical Education.

Training in personality development and spoken English is also imparted. The Smart Academy is located at Babukhan’s Millennium Centre, Somajiguda.

Besides the above, Salman & Anjum Babukhan run 2 very supplicated schools : The Glendale Academy International at Suncity and the Springfields Group of Schools. Visit Website : www.glendaleacademy.net

The Foundation has developed a special website, which gives almost complete information on all schemes of the States and Central Governments which are directed towards welfare of the weaker sections.

Website : www.babukhaninfoguide.org