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Subject: Womens Development Schemes

Uploaded on: 24-06-2010


A. Micro Credit to Self Help Groups:


Scheme to be implemented through Bank. The SHGs provided Revolving fund / Grant with regularly savings over a period of 6 months based on Credit rating can avail Micro Credit.
In the First phase each member of the Group will be provided Rs.10,000/- for viable economic activity. In the Second phase further Credit facility of Rs.20,000/- to each member of the group (i.e. double the earlier loan) subject to regular & full payment of Bank Loan availed. Subsequently last phase credit facility of Rs. 30,000/- to each member of the group subject to regular & full payment of Bank Loan availed.
1. Minority women and must be a member in self-help group
2. Self help Groups having availed Revolving fund from DRDA and Municipalities are also eligible after (6) months of availment of Revolving Fund.
3. Homogeneous (Minority) groups are eligible for availing Micro Credit from APSMFC
4. Heterogeneous Groups (Mixed Groups) in which 80% minorities & 20% belonging to SC,ST,BC and other OBCs are also eligible for Micro Credit.
5. Senior SHGs i.e. (2) years above groups who have not availed revolving fund from any Government Agency are also eligible for Micro Credit.
6. Annual Income for Minority families should be below Rs.50,000/- per annum.
Note: Self help Groups who are having accounts in Mutually Aided Co-Operative Societies (MACS) successfully operating are also eligible for Micro Credit loan subject to their operation in accordance to the MACs act.
Pattern of Assistance:
1. 50% subsidy from Corporator, subject to maximum of Rs.30,000/-
2. 10% Group Savings
3. Remaining Bank Loan
Interest Subsidy: (Pavala Vaddi):
To ensure fiscal discipline and prompt repayment of Bank loan by each member of the group interest subsidy to reduce interest burden by subsiding the interest over and above 3% charged by bank.


B. DOMWUA (Development of Minority Women in Urban and Rural Areas):


On the lines of DWACRA, the Corporation also provide Revolving Fund equivalent to their savings subject to a maximum of Rs 10,000/- to each group with condition that the all the group members should have regular saving and maintain required books. The Revolving Fund to the group is a grant.

Eligibility Criteria

Minority Women

Age limit between 15 to 50 years

Annual Income of each member should be less than Rs 11,000/- per annum

Each group should consist of 10 to 15 members

At least two members of the group should be literate, who may be elected as President and Secretary

After completion of one year of savings, revolving fund of Rs 10,000/- will be given to the group subject to regular savings, internal lending and maintenance of proper books of accounts, ledgers and minutes book

The group should be introduced to the ED of the concerned district from whom DOMWUA recognition certificate should be obtained.