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National Commission for Minorities

The Government of India, Ministry of Minority Affairs, vide Notification S.O. No.279(E) dated 3.3.2006 reconstituted the National Commission for Minorities. Accordingly, the Chairperson and Members assumed the charge of their respective offices.

Fifth Statutory National Commission for Minorities

List of State Minorities Commissions



Name & Designation


Tel. No.

Fax No.


Andhra Pradesh(Statutory Commission) Mr. Yousuf    Qureshi, Chairman A.P. State Minorities Commission Room No. 301, A-Block, Secretariat Bldg. Hyderabad – 500 022. 040- 23453078 23453206(o) 040 2459319(R) 040- 23453206


Assam (Non-Statutory) Chief Justice (Retd.) Shafiqul Haque, Chairman Assam State Minorities Commission RGB Road New Ganeshgudi, Dispur Guwahai – 781 006. O361-2341026, 09864097070 0361-205992


Bihar (Statutory) Prof. Suhail Ahmed Khan Chairman Bihar State Minorities Commission Barrack No. 7, Old Secretariat, Patna – 300 015. 0612-2213595(o) 2236742 0612- 2320864(R)




Chhattisgarh (Statutory) Haji Inayat AliChairman



Chhattisgarh Minorities Commission C-186, Shailendra Nagar Raipur (C.G.) – 492 001. 0771-2424807 2424809 (o) 09425203377(M) 0771-24248072424809


Delhi (Statutory) Delhi State minorities Commission Act, 1999 Shri Abu Baker Chairman Delhi State Minorities Commission1st Floor, C-Block Vikas Bhawan, New Delhi. 23370825, 23384950(o)

011 23378752


Jharkhand(Statutory)  Shri Nirmal ChatterjiChairman


Jharkhand Minorities Commission Project Bldg., Dhurwa Ranchi 0651-2403951, 2403215
Haque, Dy Secy 094311 08613(M)



Alhaj K. S. Md. Masood , Chairman

Karnataka State Minorities Commission5th Floor, Vesveshwariah Tower(M) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Veedhi Bangalore – 560 001. 080-22864204 22863400 080-5278489(R)



Madhya Pradesh (Statutory)

 Shri Anwar Mohd. Khan



M.P. State Minorities Commission E-Block,Old ecretariat, Bhopal – 462 011. 0755- 5292464, 5292401 (O) 0755-5292402
(R) 9826089241




Sh. Mohd. Naseem Siddiqui,


Maharashtra State Minorities Commission, Behind J. J. School of Arts, Badruddin Tayabji Marg, Near C.S.T. Mumbai – 1. 022-22610156,  022-22650085


Manipur (Non-Statutory)

Shri Abdul Halim Choudhury, 


Manipur State Minorities Commission 3rd Floor, Ministers’ Block, Room No.106 & 107, Secretariat Building, Imphal (Manipur). 0385-2229665 (o), 2220198 2221946  



 Sardar Jasvir Singh.


Rajasthan State Minorities Commission Room No. 308-309, SSO Bldg. Secretariat Jaipur – 302 001. 0141-2227100
(O) 0141-2227437


Tamil Nadu(Non-Statutory)  Rev. Fr. Vincent Chinnadurai, 


Tamil Nadu State Minorities Commission,

 124, Sir Theagaraya Road,Teynampet






Uttar Pradesh (Statutory)

Sh. Ghayas-uddin Kidwai,


U.P. State Minorities Commission 601,Indira Bhawan Lucknow – 226 001.




Uttaranchal (Statutory)

Sardar Mohar Singh, Chairman


Uttaranchal State Minorities Commission Bhaisia Farm, Bazpur, Distt. Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttaranchal.

0135 2671201



West Bengal (Statutory)  Dr Syed . Sajjad Zaheer Adnan Chairman West Bengal Minorities Commission Bhawani Bhawan (2nd Floor West) Alipor, Kolkata – 700 027. 033-2439887
(O) 24792894-95 /
098302 16148

1.What functions have been assigned to the Commission under the Act?

The Commission shall perform all or any of the following functions, namely:-

(a) evaluate the progress of the development of Minorities under the Union and States.

(b) monitor the working of the safeguards provided in the Constitution and in laws enacted by Parliament and the State Legislatures.

(c) make recommendations for the effective implementation of safeguards for the protection of the interests of Minorities by the Central Governments or the State Governments.

(d) look into specific complaints regarding deprivation of rights and safeguards of the Minorities and take up such matters with the appropriate authorities.

(e) cause studies to be undertaken into problems arising out of any discrimination against Minorities and recommend measures for their removal.

(f) conduct studies, research and analysis on the issues relating to socio-economic and educational development of Minorities.

(g) suggest appropriate measures in respect of any Minority to be undertaken by the Central Government or the State Governments.

(h) make periodical or special reports to the Central Government on any matter pertaining to Minorities and in particular the difficulties confronted by them.

(i) any other matter which may be referred to it by the Central Government.

2. What powers have been vested with the Commission?

The Commission shall have all the powers of a civil court trying a suit and, in particular, in respect of the following matters, namely:-

(a) summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person from any part of India and examining him on oath.

(b) requiring the discovery and production of any document.

(c) receiving evidence on affidavit.

(d) requisitioning any public record or copy thereof from any court or office.

(e) issuing commissions for the examination of witnesses and documents.

(f) any other matter which may be prescribed.

3. What kind of complaints area not entertained by the Commission?

Complaints of the following nature are not entertained by the Commission and shall be rejected in limine, except when directed otherwise:

(a) those not based on or relating to Minority status/rights/safeguards.

(b) those concerning matters sub judice (pending before a court/quasi-judicial/body).

(c) those for which ordinary judicial/quasi-judicial/administrative remedies are available elsewhere but have not been availed by complainant without any reasonable justification.

(d) those relating to events which are one-year old or older.

(e) those which are vague. anonymous, pseudonymous or frivolous.

(f) those not directly addressed to the Commission and sent to it by way or copies of complaints/representations addressed into any other authority.

4. What is the responsibility of the Central/State Governments to which report/recommendations have been sent by the Commission?

The Central Government shall cause the recommendations to be laid before each House of Parliament along with a memorandum explaining the action taken or proposed to be taken on the recommendations relating to the Union and the reasons for the non-acceptance, if any, of any of such recommendations.

Where any recommendation or any part thereof is such that any State Government is concerned, Commission shall forward it to that State Government who shall cause it to be laid before the Legislature along with a memorandum explaining the action taken or proposed to be taken or the recommendations relating to the State and the reasons for the non-acceptance, if any, of any of such recommendation or part.

5. What is the composition of the Commission?

Mohamed Shafi Qureshi - Chairperson

Sh. Michael P Pinto - Vice Chairperson

Lama Chosphel Zotpa - Member

Sh. Harcharan Singh Josh -Member

Sh. Dileep Padagaonkar - Member

Prof. Zoya Hasan - Member


Last revised: 1st November 2006

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